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  • Elon Musk debuts ‘Grok’ AI
  • Takeaways from UK’s AI safety summit at Bletchley Park
  • OpenAI DevDay: New models and products announced
  • and World's largest Arabic LLM

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Marcel Hedman

Key Recent Developments

Five takeaways from UK’s AI safety summit at Bletchley Park

Five takeaways from UK’s AI safety summit at Bletchley Park
Rishi Sunak hails conference as diplomatic coup after it produces international declaration to address AI risks
What can we learn from the UK’s AI Summit?
The UK held the world’s first AI summit last week at Bletchley Park - a location famous for codebreaking (it was where Alan Turing’s team famously…

What: The UK welcomed leaders from around the world to Bletchley Park, to discuss collaboration around AI regulation from 1st - 2nd November. Outcomes include the Bletchley declaration, signed by 28 countries including the US, EU and China. Additionally, videos have been released of PM Rishi Sunak interviewing Elon Musk for his take on AI safety.

Key Takeaway: Organiser, Matt Clifford remarked about the increased level of agreement from all sides on some of the fundamental risks compared to what would be expected from reading Twitter.

Elon Musk debuts ‘Grok’ AI bot to rival ChatGPT, others

Elon Musk debuts ‘Grok’ AI bot to rival ChatGPT, others
After its beta phase, Grok will be available to premium members on X, formerly Twitter.

What: Elon Musk's new AI company, competing head on with OpenAI, have released Grok, a new AI bot. OpenAI are moving very fast to plug glaring gaps including (no historical knowledge) so it will be interesting to see what xAI can uniquely add to users' experience.

OpenAI DevDay: New models and developer products announced

New models and developer products announced at DevDay
GPT-4 Turbo with 128K context and lower prices, the new Assistants API, GPT-4 Turbo with Vision, DALL·E 3 API, and more.


"Today, we shared dozens of new additions and improvements, and reduced pricing across many parts of our platform. These include:

  • New GPT-4 Turbo model that is more capable, cheaper and supports a 128K context window
  • New Assistants API that makes it easier for developers to build their own assistive AI apps that have goals and can call models and tools
  • New multimodal capabilities in the platform, including vision, image creation (DALL·E 3), and text-to-speech (TTS)"

Key Takeaway: A limitation of ChatGPT was only having knowledge until Jan 2022, numerous methods including RAG have been used to supplement this knowledge with additional information from the web. While these techniques remain useful, particularly when working with company private data, this new update brings GPTs knowledge base into 2023 and 3x cheaper. A major milestone!

AI Ethics & 4 good

🚀 Fetal biometry and amniotic fluid volume assessment end-to-end automation using Deep Learning

🚀 World's largest Arabic LLM

🚀 Giskard - Scan AI models to detect risks of biases, performance issues and errors. In 4 lines of code.

Scan Example

🚀 Adversarial Attacks on LLMs

Other interesting reads

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🚀 Nvidia Is Piloting a Generative AI for Its Engineers ChipNeMo summarizes bug reports, gives advice, and writes design-tool scripts

🚀 AI-Powered LinkedIn Premium Experience to Elevate Your Career

🚀 IBM, which invested in Hugging Face, launches $500M enterprise AI venture fund

🚀 01.AI, led by AI pioneer Kai-Fu Lee, achieves $1B+ valuation in eight months


🚀Hugging Face Researchers Introduce Distil-Whisper: A Compact Speech Recognition Model Bridging the Gap in High-Performance, Low-Resource Environments

🚀AntiFold: Improved antibody structure design using inverse folding

Cool companies found this week

Model Training

Cerebras - Train and fine tune production AI models quickly. In the cloud or on prem.


Hidden Layer - Security platform for AI protecting against adversarial attacks.

CodeGPT powered by LangChain


Marcel Hedman
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